Identifying Hashes

Notes on how to identify which algorithm was used


Sometimes, hashes will have a prefix which will allow for easy identification.

Hash Length:

Sometimes, the length of the hash can give an indication of the hashing algorithm. Each hexadecimal number represents 4 bits, so if we count the number of hexadecimal numbers we can get an idea or how many bits

#of hex * 4 = hash length in bits

MD2 128 bits
MD4 128 bits
MD5 128 bits
MD6 Up to 512 bits
RIPEMD-128 128 bits
RIPEMD-160 160 bits
RIPEMD-320 320 bits
SHA-1 160 bits
SHA-224 224 bits
SHA-256 256 bits
SHA-384 384 bits
SHA-512 512 bits
SHA-3 (originally known as Keccak) arbitrary

Tools to crack hashes




Also we can use a tool called hash-identifier, a Python tool

To use hash-identifier, you can just pull the python file from gitlab using:


Then simply launch it with python3 and then enter the hash you're trying to identify

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